Music. Passion. Period.

I have been playing the guitar for most of my life. It is my passion and my profession.

At an early point, I decided that my approach would be to sharpen my skills in as many musical genres as possible. I wanted to be able to step in whatever the circumstances.

But I enjoy – and see it as an obligation – to also pass it on to the next generation. And I get plenty of opportunities for doing so every day through my position as Assistant Professor at the Royal Academy of Music in Aalborg, Denmark.

In short, developing educational material is as meaningful to me as it is to gig regularly.


I consider great technique important. Not for the sake of playing flashy stuff all night. But to have as straight and uninterrupted line between my ideas and expressing them as possible.


There is more to Rock than power chords.
There is more to Jazz than scales.
There is more to Country than 'twang'.
You are never done learning music!

Composer and Producer

Improvising is like composing in realtime. But structuring music bit by bit also represents a beautiful musical process of creation, as does recording and producing it.

When I Think of You

This is the first release of the second round of the FoKu research project, which you can read more about just below this video.

A further collaboration was established for this tune with Aalborg Symphony Orchestra.

The FoKu Project

I have been driving and working intensely on a research project named ‘FoKu’, which is an abbreviation of the Danish words meaning ‘Research’ and ‘Artistic development’.

The project is a collaboration between The Royal Academy of Music in Aalborg, where I hold a position as Assistant Professor, and Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, Italy.

I have composed a number of songs in different musical genres that have been recorded and notated as sheet music. This educational material is aimed a intermediate to advanced students.

In the first round of this research project, four songs were composed, recorded and produced. Now, the second round is about to be finalized.

The material is available for free to anyone who might find it useful.

Rasmus Birk

Rasmus Birk

FoKu project owner

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