Practicing is key to take what you have learned from sheer knowledge to second nature.

Here is a backingtrack in the ionian mode, which takes you through all 12 keys. I produced it from the ground and hope that you will use it to sharpen your ionian licks and ideas.

In fact, I did a dedicated lick with some chromatic twists along the way for the opening part in C that you’re welcome to check out:

I also used the backing track to reach out to some of my guitar friends, asking them to play their favourite ionian lick. Here are a few highlights!

Jarmo Hynninen

And in this video, I play the amazing country-inspired lick in the original tempo (120 bpm), as well as in rehearsal tempo (60 bpm) in case you want to check it out in detail.

Ole Kibsgaard

Anders Mogensen

HOTLICK ALERT!I'm reaching out to my friends at the moment, and I'm so grateful for this weeks participant: Anders Mogensen, has decided to share his wonderful 80’s inspired lick with whammybar tricks, alternate picked and legato lines just to name a few characteristics of his superb playing -BTW Anders is a student of mine @the royal Academy Of Music in Aalborg Denmark – CHECK HIM OUT!Check out Anders on Facebook: subscribe to my youtube channel! Thanks :-)

Slået op af Rasmus Birk i Fredag den 24. april 2020

Uffe Steen

Tore Lynggaard Mogensen