Audiovisual teaching material for rhythmic guitar and drums . (Research & development project:”FoKu”)

  • 4 different genres (rock, country, jazz & samba).

With own compositions and improvisations for guitarists and drummers, knowledge of the instruments’ roles is conveyed.
Assistant professor in Rhythmic Guitar at The Royal Academy Of Music (Aalborg – Denmark), Rasmus Birk has made this challenge the subject of an educational development project, where his role is: guitarist, composer, arranger, producer, sound engineer.

The project has been developed in collaboration with the Saint Louis College of Music (ROME) and the educational development project also contains an important artistic dimension.

Free Content for all (accessible below):

1: Four youtube videos with performances in fast tempo, and four slow demonstrations.

2: Four youtube videos with tutorials where RB demonstrates guitar key points of each tune.

3: Leadsheets (pdf’s below:), and a google drive public folder :

“FoKu” project RB #1 – BACKING TRACKS & LEADSHEETS (2017-18)

with play-along versions (stems to customize your own audio mix) that interested musicians can play along to.

– Interested guitarists, drummers, bassists & pianists can record themselves playing the tracks, and upload this performance on youtube / facebook etc.

The material derives from experiences from the “Summer Camps” at the conservatory in Aalborg, and can be used by anyone from the talent class level to conservatory students, and thus the teaching materials can help raise the level of talents.

  • Thanks to all the involved persons in this project, and a special thanks to The Royal Academy Of Music – Århus/Aalborg for supporting this project!
  • – Rasmus Birk –  Jan 2019 –


“Karens Aarstider” – (Danish:)

Karens Årstider er Karen Grarups første udgivelse i eget navn, som jeg har spillet guitar på og produceret i mit studie. Her er en smagsprøve:

– Her er noderne fra det eksempel jeg netop har gennemgået i youtube showet “Danske Guitarister”:

Bluegrass Bill – DANSKE GUITARISTER 2019 RB

Rigtig god fornøjelse;-)